Internal French Government Document Reveals Plans To Vaccinate All French Citizens Without Exception

vaccinateFrench governmentA newly discovered internal French government document contains shocking details about how the French government plans to implement a military style vaccination program and how they plan to implement every single French citizen without exception.

The document is dated August 21st and it is signed by the French Health Minister and the French Minister of the Interior.

You can see the document for yourself right here, but unless you can read French you will not be able to understand it:

Fortunately, the document has been analyzed by someone who does understand French on another blog, and the following is an excerpt from that analysis:


The objective of the 19-page document is the systematic vaccination of the entire French population in the period October, November, December 2009 and January 2010.

Secure facilities are to be established in every region that will serve as “vaccination centers”.

On page 3 the order is explicitly given that no medical establishments should serve as vaccine centers.

GPs are to play no role in the vaccination programme.

School age children are to be vaccinated by special mobile pandemic vaccination teams in their schools.

The largest vaccination facilities – Centers of Vaccination of a Large Capacity (Centres de vaccination de grande capacite (CVGC) – with added security (fonctionnement renforce) are calculated to vaccinate 2,100 people each day.

Vaccine “teams” are to work in parallel vaccinating people in three 4-hour blocs each day, and the document calculates that two teams operating in this way will allow 184,800 injections to be given to 92,400 people in a center working five days a week for the entire four month period of the mass vaccination campaign.

No explicit mention of forced vaccination is made but the document states that everyone in the country without exception is to be vaccinated.

Data from the health insurance bodies are to be used to ensure that everyone receives the toxic “swine flu” jab.

The need to implement measures to track every single person in France to determine whether they have been vaccinated or not is stressed.


Special mobile pandemic vaccination teams?

Vaccination of the entire population without exception?

The use of health insurance data to ensure that every single French citizen gets a swine flu shot?

Just what kind of insanity is this?

Perhaps another question that needs to be addressed is whether or not similar documents are being circulated in other WHO countries.

Is this just a plan for France, or is this a plan that is going to be implemented throughout the world?

Meanwhile, the anti-swine flu vaccine movement is rapidly building in many countries around the globe.  In fact, one investigative reporter recently told Russia Today that some scientists involved in the creation of vaccines are telling their families and friends NOT to take this swine flu vaccine.  Just check out this stunning video clip of the interview…..

As the debate over the swine flu vaccine continues to rage, troubling news about a dangerous new form of the swine flu has surfaced.  According to the WHO, doctors in some areas of the world are reporting that a severe form of the H1N1 swine flu that goes straight to the lungs is causing devastating respiratory illness in otherwise healthy young people.

Reuters is reporting that the WHO had the following to say about this new form of the swine flu:

“Perhaps most significantly, clinicians from around the world are reporting a very severe form of disease, also in young and otherwise healthy people, which is rarely seen during seasonal influenza infections.”

This is very troubling news indeed.  Many natural health experts are encouraging people to keep their immunity up by taking plenty of vitamin D and plenty of vitamin C to help avoid coming down with the disease.

Perhaps even more troubling is news that the WHO is now saying that minority groups and indigenous populations may have a much higher risk of becoming severely ill with H1N1.

How much of a higher risk?

Consider this quote from the WHO as reported by Reuters:

“In some studies, the risk in these groups is four to five times higher than in the general population.”

Four to five times higher?

In a world where race-specific bioweapons have been developed and are being developed, a development of this nature is very, very suspicious.  Let us hope that this is  just a coincidence and that this flu has not been “designed” to act this way.

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