Goldman Sachs is Controlling USA Government – Are we Now an Oligarchy?

Is our Republic for and by the people gone? Has it been replaced by a Republic for and by Goldman Sachs? Liberals cried about this happening when Bush was President, but now they are silent. Why? Could it be that their man can do no wrong? Or perhaps they are fine with it as long as they believe that there will be liberal influences on these companies to carry out their liberal agenda.

Here’s what a delusional liberal thought about this issue back in November.

November 4, 2008
“What is an alagarky?
Nothing. The word that I had trouble spelling is Oligarchy.

But what is that? It is a government where power is controlled by a small elite group of people (Usually rich). Well today I believe that we are getting rid of ours. No longer will our government be controlled by the rich. Why? Because of the $10 and $25 dollar donations that fueled the Obama campaign.

Now I know you might be saying “Oh, but he got Wall Street money etc…” Well yes he did, but do you think he would have raised record SHATTERING funds without the full support of the American people giving whatever they could? He will be the first president in a while that will be going into the Oval office for the people, assuming he wins which is a foregone conclusion.

So celebrate the freeing of our bonds from the Alagorky? Elegarkie? Alagarkie? Whatever, the people have finally thrown those rich bastards out of office! Power to us!”
Here’s the blog in case you want to comment on it:…

So as you see, the liberals have been duped by Obama, just like we were duped by Bush. Like I wrote on my page six moths ago, the rights that one of them doesn’t take away, the other one will, until liberty is dead; they play us like fools. When we start to catch on to the republicans and their crooked ways, they just put the democrats in charge so that we, the country as a whole, think that we have voted in change, when in fact nothing really changes.

Now I do understand that conservatives are ten times better than liberals, but the fact of the matter is that they have not stopped the march towards corporatism/statism in the least, and now with Obama in charge, we are going full throttle ahead, and I see nothing that will stop us.

So if what I think is going to happen happens, and the republicans take back control of our government in the next two elections, and then they do nothing to put the brakes on drastically, then that is that, you can kiss your Republic goodbye.


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