AGAINST IV REICH-How Iceland can be a model for a Europe-wide uprising against the banks

Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank and other bankers are imposing a new era of austerity on Europe to extract as much money as they can from national budgets under the pretext of having to be paid interest on the mountains of paper debt they engineered by fraud in the first place.

The SEC is even investigating Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and six other banks for their role in the subprime fraud. The subprime fraud led to gigantic government bank bailouts. These, in turn, created the souvereign debt crisis that has now resulted in governments paying gigantic amounts of interest to the banks after imposing cuts….

The payment of ever higher amounts of interest to the banks for the „souvereign debt“ they created is a ponzi game on an historical scale as Bloomberg said in a report this week.

A ponzi scheme like this can only work if the controlled corporate media – and the alternative media — can manage to hoodwink the people of Europe into believing that they are being rescued from a crisis instead of being robbed.

The bankers know they can only get away with what is looting on scale unseen since the 1930s if their propaganda machine works.

The media has to persuade people that the cuts in their wages and salaries, the 100s of billions of euros in bailouts to banks, the printing of money on a gigantic scale by the ECB, the threat of hyperinflation, are factors beyond the control of banks, regulators and governments.

Headlines like „Greece Aid“ and „Euro Crisis“ are repeated day in, day out.

They conceal the fact that the money is going not to Greece but to the banks, and that there is no euro crisis, only a crisis of bank interest payments for paper debts.

The fractional reserve banking system allows banks to create debts out of thin air – and get interest on those paper debts as long as they load it onto the taxpayers by means of compliant governments.

Media sentences like: „The bailout came with strings attached. Governments would be obliged to cut their deficits and cut them hard,“ really mean: „The transfer of huge sums of money to the banks can only be paid for by slashing pensions and salaries and the IMF will force it on the governments whether they want it or not.“

Politicians responsible for the financial meltdown like Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel are given acres of space in the corporate media to rail against the greed of the very banks they are assisting in their looting to try to sweeten the electorate and make them think Merkel is on their side.

Regulations to curb the hedge funds, the rating agencies and banks are always delayed or too weak. Criminal investigations are all but non existent in Europe.

The SEC in the USA is the first to dare tackle the mamoth fraud of Deutsche Bank while German regulators and prosecutors stand idly by and watch their county being robbed and handed over to the EU, IMF and BIS.

But the signs are that the people of Europe are not buying the propaganda

The bankers are nervous after Iceland.

They failed miserably to loot Iceland after people stormed parliament, wrung a referendum from their president and set up a parliamentary commission to investigate the debt crisis.

The Iceland committee found bankers, regulators and government officials were working hand in hand to create as big a mountain of paper debt as possible to burden the taxpayers of Iceland with the biggest possible interest payment bill.

Iceland has already started to arrest  bankers.

it is a model for the rest of Europe. The internet did not play an important role in Iceland’s liberation. Organisation, solidarity and determination did.

The same demonstrations are now unfolding in Greece.

In spite of the controlled mainstream media that is perpetually telling the Greeks that the cuts in their pensions and wages are in the interests of the nation, there is a widespread awareness that the only beneficiaries of these cuts are the banks like Deutsche Bank that engineered the debt crisis in the first place together with corrupt government officials.

There is a widespread awareness, too, that the cuts will result in debt deflation that will make more cuts necessary in a downward debt death spiral.

Greeks face not just a significant drop in living standards but homelessness and starvation.

60% of Greek pensioners already have less than 600 euros a month.

Cuts in their pensions will push many below the minimum needed for survival this year.

The Greeks see no reason why the IMF and EU, who helped caused the crisis, should take over their budget, strip them of voting rights, and drain them of their money to hand it over to  Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

It is doubtful whether the Greek army will support a military coup by the Greek oligarchs when they realise they are destroying their own future for the profit of the banks.

A significant EU army or UN military force does not appear to be on the horizon. And deploying EU or UN troops in countries like Greece to support the relatively small riot police units brings risks of another kind.

In Spain, trade unions are also aware that the current crisis is a result of the „machinations“ of  bankers, and they have threatened nationwhide walkouts and protests.

The cuts imposed by the Spanish government, including a 12 per cent wage cut for civil servants, cuts in pensions and job losses in public sector corporations, has stunned people employed in the anyway poorly paid government sector.

Many in Spain will be asking why they should loose their livelihoods so that Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank shareholders can suck more capital out of the country for interest payments for debts that exist only on paper?

To be sure, Ireland has enjoyed more generous salaries than say, in Greece, and deeper cuts could be made before the pain is felt by many.

But that point has come. On Tuesday, people tried to storm the Irish parliament. It was a spontaneous display of public outrage.

As someone who had an Irish mother, I’m pretty display of public anger will be just the first of many. No batons wielded by the few police supporting the government will be enough.

Protests are what the bankers fear – and not the theatrical stunts about arresting Henry Kissinger put on by Jim Corr and his Souvereign Independent newspaper, which is yet another controlled alternative media outlet for the NWO.

The Germans are also now facing the prospect of seeing their salaries and pensions looted by the banks and the ECB, first by means of budget cuts, and then by means of hyperinflation, and Merkel – under order from Obama, the CFR and Bilderbergs — has seen her support plummet.

The German Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg is busy selling tanks to the German army in Afghanistan. A war between the European bloc or between European nations is what the banks are hoping for now. Wars eliminate impoverished people and allow more profits to be made by the sale of weapons.

It is time for the people of Europe to rise up – and to do so, this time, together.

Whether we live in Iceland, Greece, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Germany or the UK or the USA,  we, the people, need to stand united and to organise, coordinate and sustain a wave of protests throughout summer that will remove the bankers and the government allies from power once and for all before investigations are launched.

Whether the internet comes down or not, we, the people, have to stay focussed and follow the successful recipe for justice that Iceland used.

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