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Swedish boy, aged 4, close to death from “swine flu” vaccine

Swedish boy, aged 4, close to death from “swine flu” vaccine


The almost complete cover up in Sweden regarding deaths and other severe “side effects” from the poisinous Pandemrix “swine flu” vaccine is frightening. A few stories are getting out in spite of this, like the story of Kevin, aged 4 living in Stockholm with his mom Mia who is pregnant in her third trimester.

“- I was sure he was dead” she says in an article published at first only in the printed version of the news paper Aftonbladet and later added to their site after being “reminded” by readers to do so.

Kevin sat with his father in a café when he suddenly started to shake uncontrollably. His little body arched backwards in convulsions and his eyes rolled backwards exposing only white. His mom was not far away and someone quickly fetched her saying “Mia come quickly, Kevin is really bad”.

When she arrived to Kevin, a ring of people surrounded him as he was lying flat on the ground. “- His lips were completely white. I have never seen a person that white in my life. I took him in my arms and he was completely limp. My only thought was, ‘He is dead, He is no longer alive’ “, says his mom.

Kevin did no longer breathe. Two nurses happened to be there and they instructed Mia how to give CPR immediately. Mia started to do that while she at the same time felt she was starting to go into labor. She gave her son air as others called for an ambulance. “I lost the sense of time. But after a while his lips got their color back. He opened his eyes.”

During the ride to the hospital, Kevin only expressed one fear: “Mommy, I don’t want to have another shot…”

Doctors who cared for him at his arrival at the Hospital agreed that the only explanation to this was that he two days earlier got the poisonous Pandemrix “swine flu” vaccine. They also said “- He is the second one today, this is in no way unique.”

The news paper contacted The Medical Products Agency in Sweden and spoke with Professor Jan Liliemark who claimed he had never heard of similar cases. “- Children can come in to states of Coma from a variety of reasons. It could be connected to the vaccination but there could also be other reasons.”

Kevin’s parents chose to speak about their ordeal so that other parents would be better informed than they were. They never heard that things like this could happen after a vaccination.

Mia says “- What if this would have happened at home while playing alone in his room while I was cleaning downstairs?”

Original article in Swedish

We have received unconfirmed reports that the number of vaccine “adverse effects” in sweden is now well over 500 including “severe adverse effects” which means life threatening conditions or death. The number of deaths is reported to us to be higher than 50 so far. This information is unconfirmed and the official numbers kept secret according to the also secret agreement between Sweden and GSK, GlaxoSmithKline who produces the poisonous Pandemrix vaccine.


I today spoke with a vaccine manufacturer (a supplier of the API, the active ingredient) at their plant here in Switzerland and they stated that they felt they had to play along in producing and supplying active ingredients to the larger “big” pharma companies since these companies are “so powerful”. The person I spoke with thought it was something seriously wrong with the way the whole “swine flu” scare has unfolded and the role of WHO. The same person also acknowledged that very much research in the medical field which does not support planned products or other businesses is hidden or buried. The two people I spoke with would “absolutely not” take the “swine flu” shot. They did say that the “swine flu” meant good business.

Child paralysed by Flu Mist in the US


“Our granddaughter, Jordyn, (Bobbi and Jeff’s daughter) received the nasal spray vaccine for H1N1 on Tuesday of this week and within a half an hour started feeling bad. She developed a fever of 103 and continued for most of Wednesday with it.  She seemed better yesterday (Thursday), but was still not herself.  She woke up this morning and could not walk (her legs were paralyzed).  Bobbi and Jeff have taken her to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing and we are waiting word.  We think she has Guillain Barre and, if so, the, paralysis can spread to her other limbs and her face. We are requesting prayer from you and as many believers as you have contact with.”

Nine students in the US rushed to hospital after swine flu jab




Nine Caledonia High students have reactions to H1N1 vaccine
All treated and released
by Brian Jones

Nine Lowndes County School District students were rushed to the hospital today after apparently having reactions to the H1N1 vaccine.

H1N1 shots are being made available at schools around the state by the Mississippi Department of Health. Nine students at Caledonia High School were transported to the emergency room after apparently having a reaction to the shot, said Lowndes County Superintendent Mike Halford.

“We had seven students transported by ambulance to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle,” Halford said. “Two more students were brought in by parents or family members.”

Of the nine, eight had been treated and released by 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, he said.

“The H1N1 vaccine was being administered [Wednesday] at New Hope High School, New Hope Middle School and all levels at Caledonia,” Halford said. “We had given the shots to the high school students, and about fifteen minutes after the shots were given we started having the issues.”

Halford said that students complained of symptoms including shortness of breath, itching and hives.

“We stopped giving the shots at that time,” he said.

According to Mississippi Department of Health District 6 Health Officer Rebecca James, two of the students who developed shortness of breath and hives did so because of a reaction to the shot. The others were “sympathetic reactions,” she said.

“There was no evidence of an allergic reaction in those six,” she said. “A sympathetic reaction is also called a ‘line of sight’ reaction. It’s similar to what happens when one person in a cafeteria throws up, and then suddenly people around them start feeling sick as well.

“Hives can be a sign of a reaction to the shot, but they can also be caused by stress,” she added. “Some of the hives could have been caused simply because the students were nervous about getting a shot. We may never know what caused those students to have those reactions.”

Counting the two reactions at Caledonia High School today, James said that there have been a total of three allergic reactions to the vaccine around the state.

“That is a very mild reaction rate,” she said. “I still feel very comfortable recommending that children be vaccinated against influenza, which can be deadly. I’d rather treat hives and itching that have to treat the flu.”

The vaccine that was given at Caledonia was the exact same vaccine that was given at other schools in Lowndes County, she said, and there had been no other reports of problems.

There have been 16 influenza-related deaths in Mississippi so far, she said.

James said that the LCSD will continue with the H1N1 vaccinations.

“Mike Halford has been very good about handling this,” she said. “He intends to offer the vaccinations at the middle and elementary schools to students who want them.”

A new permission form will be sent home to students before the vaccinations commence again, she said.

Vaccinations at New Hope Elementary School and West Lowndes are scheduled for a later date.

[At 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon an ambulance was dispatched to a residence on Mike Parra Road when one of the Caledonia High students treated earlier in the day began having “seizures” and fever. Ed.]



More deaths from the “swine flu” vaccine – Swedish media no longer reports them

Swedish media cover up reports on more deaths from the vaccine.

The reports of serious side effects including five deaths was openly reported in Swedish media, even if it never received any prominent place in the daily propaganda wave. After the five first deaths, it became completely silent regarding side effects – suspiciously silent.

Now reports of dead and severely injured instead spread from bloggers and other private people who feel the need to warn their fellow citizens.

One blogger posted this yesterday:

I just received this e-mail from a close collegue of mine!

Hello Zarah, I hope all is well with you : )

I know you have been working for informing about the vaccine and its contents. I spoke yesterday with a friend who was completely devastated. A friend of hers had been getting the vaccine (she was pregnant) and she fell seriously ill shortly thereafter. It became so bad that her heart stopped and she died. It is not proven it was the vaccine, but obviously suspected of course, since she fell ill so quickly after the vaccination. Another friend of mine was vaccinated the same day, she is also pregnant. That woman was yesterday in the hospital with severe bleeding. Also that shortly after the vaccination. Scary stuff this.

If this story is true, it confirms information we have received that authorities and media in Sweden no longer reports on several more deaths that has occured the last days.

Here is another story from a Swedish reader:

My sister-in-law took the vaccine a week ago, right after she became severely ill, she is 5 mo pregnant, amnoic fluid started leaking, she is currently in the hospital since a week back. She has to stay there and lay still (to prevent miscarriage I assume?- my comment)

Original article


Young Norwegian woman dies after getting the “swine flu” vaccine.

The Norwegian news paper VG reports that a woman in her twenties died just three days after receiving the “swine flu” shot. Of course they also report that she had a “underlying hart disease” which more than likely will be blamed for her death. This is a pattern that by now is clearly recognizable. This comment from one of our readers sums it up well: “Funny how when someone dies of swineflu with a pre-existing condition they died from swineflu – no question. And if someone dies from the vaccine with a pre-existing condition they died from the pre-existing condition – no question.”

So far, about 300 000 people in Norway have been and over 500 000 doses of the poisonous Pandemrix “swine flu” vaccine has been distributed in Norway.

Original article

Fifth “swine flu” vaccine death in Sweden – vaccinations still go ahead as planned!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Media in Sweden is having a tough time maintaining the propaganda as more and more people question the reasons for the mass vaccination. Now, authorities say that if not “80% of the population takes the shot, we risk 100 deaths from the swine flu”. Most Swedes know that a normal fly season see several thousand dead from complications from the seasonal flu so the proportions of the propaganda coming from media and the government has caused a growing revolt against the massive attempts to scare people to take the poisonous injection.

Today, Svenska Dagbladet reports that over 350 cases of side effects from the Pandemrix “swine flu” shot, have been recorded so far. It has also become clear that this shot contains the most deadly mix of substances of all the known vaccines manufactured against the so called “swine flu” H1N1 influenza. The official number of deaths from the “swine flu” vaccine is now five. And that is only those who have strong immediate reactons, the long term effects are usually never even investigated. If you would die from the shot two weeks after you took it, your death would not be considered to have anything to do with the vaccination. Severe healthproblems years after will of course be very had to link to the poisonous injection. Even if these five official cases died within days, the official story is of course as expected: “none of these deaths has been confirmed to be linked to the vaccine”.

As always with statistics like this, historically we know that very few of all real side effects are actually reported. Optimistically, up to ten per cent would be reported. It is also highly likely that deaths are being kept secret by the authorities so that the massive and hugely expensive vaccination program will not come to a complete stop. Too many have put their job, reputation and title at stake for the truth to be reported and published.

So far, three people have been reported dead from complications from getting the H1N1 virus. Five dead from the flu shot before the real vaccination campaign has even started should be an indication to question the vaccine and the strategy chosen but the authorities have so much prestige invested that it is unlikely it will ever happen – no matter how many will die from the poisonous injections.

The Swedish public are being kept in the dark about the most simple facts about the vaccinations. The questionable protection against the virus will only be for this present strain – any new mutations would immediately require a new vaccine for that strain. The new second wave of the new mutation is exactly what authorities warn about and use as an argument to take the poisonous injection.

Authorities are running out of arguments and completely idiotic arguments have been published the last week in Sweden. “There is less mercury in the shot than you get from eating mercury contaminated fish”, “You might get sick from the vaccine but you should take that risk to ´save” someone who could die from getting the H1N1 infection from you”, “It would be like killing someone to not take the shot out of solidarity” and “Mercury is not dangerous and also squalene is not dangerous, there is nothing called the Gulf War Syndrome and if there is, it has nothing to do with squalene because there was no squalene in the vaccines the US troops got”.

The number of flat out lies are so many, it is hard to keep track of them all.

The chief of The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI), Annika Linde, says in the article: “- The Vaccine is principally natural to the body. The mercury was necessary but the amounts are very small. There are many who have been making statements without qualified knowledge. It is of course good that this type of mater is debated but some of the reporting is rather devastating for the possibility to vaccinate the whole population.”

The official line in Sweden is bordering to madness and the biggest medical scandal in the history of the nation has just started.

Johan Niklasson

SAAB falida, a crise soma e segue

Ouvi incrédulo esta notícia na rádio, na Antena 1, à hora do almoço.

Na televisão, nos noticiários da noite, nem uma palavra sobre o assunto.

Mas que diacho, a SAAB era uma subsidiária da General Motors…

Para além de automóveis, fabricava também aviões de guerra.

Só que o Governo Sueco não passa cheques em branco.


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